Starting Spring on the Right Foot

March 31st 2016:

For a girl like me, still in high school, with an endless list of possibilities and expectations seemingly forced upon me, Spring is surely a welcome invitation for the dank and cold winter stuck inside with the parents… Right now, the future is so blurry, but of course certain events could certainly clear things up a bit. Yes, I do have a crush on a guy, that one guy who is the opposite of me. He’s a down-to- earth man with a business on the way. While I’m a hopeless romantic, wanting the man of my dreams to sweep me off my feet, trying to get my life figured out. It is hard to keep my feelings close to my heart, knowing that I am only seventeen, and that college seems prominent in the near future. Even so, I know what is right and I have been taught to wait for the man who can have all of my heart rather than bits of it broken off by each guy willing to stare, compliment, and flirt with me. My point is, in the end it will be worth it to wait for that special someone, and by holding out you are not only saving your heart from several hard breakups, but you are holding your future long term relationship in such a precious place that should only be taken down by the man who loves you for you. Someone once told me they were going to hook up with this guy, just this once because he didn’t want a relationship but she did. She was willing to sacrifice a piece of her heart for him even though he didn’t care one bit about what it meant to her. Crazy as that may sound, she was willing to do it, and it scared me. I knew she would go home and cry because he had kissed her, then left her. My friends, no guy is worth your tears if he isn’t willing to wipe them up. Don’t give him the satisfaction he wants, because once he does, he’ll feel power over you and do it again and again. I’m just warning you girls, don’t fall for the devil with blue eyes, because he’ll screw you over.